“Prachi Maya Gajanan (Formerly Prachi Dublay) is an educator, researcher and performer in Indian Music. With twenty years of experience Prachi has performed all over India and abroad and has many CDs and Albums at her credit. Prachi has received several prestigious fellowships and awards, some to mention – IIAS Shimla Fellowship, Tata Fellowship in folklore, Culture Fellowship by Govt of India, Sir CV Raman Award, Kaleshwari Sanmaan,  IBN-Lokmat Prerana Puraskar, Music Forum Award etc. She also has lent her voice to a few films, one of which is the much-acclaimed Oscar nominated Marathi film Shwaas & the other is National award winning Marathi film Anumati. Prachi has been associated as a guest faculty in Music at University of Pune and University of Flame, Chinmaya University, Ahmedabad University and Azeem Premji University.

Finding her own path, Prachi has become an independent travelling musician who has been collecting, interpreting, singing, teaching and writing the Adivasi Music of India for past decade. Her work has taken her to various Adivasi belts across Himachal, Assam, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Kerala, Odisha, Telangana and Karnataka. She has co-authored a book with her Adivasi friend, written several articles about Adivasi Music and also has produced some Research CDs and an Audio Book which are published by Bhasha Research and Publication Center.

Prachi aims at preserving and propagating the intangible heritage of the indigenous musical traditions of India through her work in Adivasi Music. It is noteworthy that Prachi works mostly alone with very limited resources, without any big team around. Her work requires undertaking some very risky travel in interiors of India in adverse conditions and putting her personal security at stake. Prachi does it with a rare courage and devotion.  She reminds us of a way of being, about a legacy that we are forgetting. Her work is significant and artistic, moving and highly socio-political – all at the same time.” 

40 thoughts on “About

  1. Namaskar madam
    Tumhi kharokhrach khup changle kam karat aahat aadivasi music & shudhh bhartiy shashtriy Sangit yancha milaaf karta yene tasech aadivasi Sangit tikvane yabaddal tumcha Kay vichar aahe

  2. what a melodious god given voice from heaven, heard by accident on marhatti tv program.allah bless u un definable face expression .if she plan tour usa,

  3. This project of Prachi is worth and useful for the future academicians. I’m very glad that Prachi Madam is visitng our area for her further study. I’m also glad to know that she happens to be the deciple of Prof. Ganesh Devy with whom I’ve been associated with the work of Linguistic survey of India.
    Dr.Devidas S. Naik
    Head, Dept. of English
    Sri Bhuvanendra College,
    Karkala – Udupi Dist
    Karnataka – India

  4. I listened Sameer’s Vocals,he is a giftd person ,very energitic. But where can I find your recordings?

  5. hi… prachi ji… heartly congr8s to your achivements and work in the field of adivasi folk and traditional music…. God bless you….

  6. Takes me back to the times of the colourful Raag-Mala paintings! Extremely versatile voice…right from ‘aho raya tumhi hottalka…’ to ‘dil nadaan…’! Ancient, youthful, naughty, childlike, romantic…all facets hidden as fragrance in your voice! God bless! Good luck and look forward for more!

  7. Dear Prachi,

    My Heartfelt Good Wishes for Keeping the Great Indian Culture Alive with your ‘Hindustani’ Sangeet. I Wish More Youth/Children get Interested in Our Lovely Arts through Performances.

    Please Perform Programs in Schools, especially mid-level Schools, as they are more Receptive Children than the so-called high five Schools.


    Anil Kumar,
    Social Worker (Hyderabad).

  8. I like this website, prachi… it’s very well put together.. showcases all you want to highlight 🙂 .. all the best.. ur talent deserves a bigger stage and wider appreciation… which will be ures soonest!!

  9. सुंदर साईट – आणि “कलर्स” ची झलक पण खूप मस्त वाटली.

  10. अप्रतिम! या एकाच शब्दात सगळे सांगता येईल!

  11. Hi Prachi, very beautiful site n verry verry gud colors of music.The glimpses have increased hunger for more.Very beautifull variety in voice.You have a superb voice.


  12. Without music…life will be lifeless…
    Prachi…great effort…buck up…
    I’ll contribute in my own way…

  13. I have attended your concert in US. It was really a good experience. Feel you will get larger and wider acceptance if some organised efforts are made. There is an excellent talent with you and it needs to be professionally and commercially cultivated.

  14. Atishay sunder site.Pharach chan,Tumache gane me punyat aaikale ahe. Tumche gane adhik khol,depth asalele ahe.sachya sursnche gane ahe. Tumhala Shubhecha!!!

  15. Hey Prachi

    This is really nice. Informative and interesting. Makes you scroll through and click. Great site. Wasn’t happy about the snap though.

  16. Hi Pra~
    Nice and Pleasant looking Site. Congratulations.
    I am really really happy for your new initiative. It was long overdue.
    Will give my more comments after I explore the site fully.
    Wish you the best.

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